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Galapagos trip planner

How to travel in the Galapagos Islands is what you will learn in this section of our website.

We have collected a ton of information about travelling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, read through our website and get the benefit of our knowledge as locals and years of research, to help you save time, money and stress planning. We put the trip puzzle together for you and have tested it to work thousands of times. 

This section includes a guide with helpful tips and information down to the smallest detail about planning a trip to Ecuador and a cruise on board the M/S Encantada in the Galapagos.

If our ship does not fit your needs, we will even recommend a boat that does.

It is to your benefit that you read our knowledge base and inform yourself before your trip. Some topics we cover are:

  • Arriving in Ecuador, flights and transportation
  • Lodging in Quito & Guayaquil (mandatory stopovers before your Galapagos cruises)
  • Information on the M/S Encantada known as the "Galapagos little red boat", the most interesting and flexible option for cruising the Islands

  • What to bring, remember less is more when you travel, packing the essentials is a must
  • Ecuador side trips, get tempted on spending some time in the Andes, the Choco rainforest, the Amazon basin or on a secluded beach.

These and many other topics are covered to make your trip planning carefree.

Galapagos is certainly the most amazing cruises destination in the Pacific Ocean, the landscapes, fauna, flora and people make the Galapagos the main travel destination for people visiting Ecuador. Our Islands are a place to learn about life and evolution and enjoy the most incredible adventure cruises on board the M/S Encantada.

We can arrange every little detail of your Ecuador trips though our Galapagos & Ecuador reservation center, including air, and pre-tour and post-tour arrangements to make sure you have a wonderful, carefree trip experience at no extra charge!