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Galapagos cruises Encantada sailboat - yacht details & information

Galapagos Encantada "The little red sailboat"

The Galapagos M/S Encantada sailboat is one of the most picturesque yachts that cruises in the archipelago. She has been affectionately dubbed "The little red sailboat" due to her candy apple red color and gracious white sails.

Facilities include private bathrooms in each cabin. Public areas offer generous deck space, dining room and bar.

Cruising at 7 knots with a 5-person crew, including a naturalist guide, Encantada is also an ideal boat for private charters and scuba diving groups.

The M/S Encantada, an exotic, romantic motor sailer is outfitted to carry 12 passengers in 6 double cabins on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the Galapagos